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Delhi to Host G20 Food Festival on February 11 -12

As per media reports, 29 nations have been invited by the NDMC to take part in the food festival

Ayushi Sikarwar
Food Fest
Delhi to Host G20 Food Festival (Representational Image)

The G20 food festival, themed 'Taste the World' and 'International Year of Millets', is scheduled to take place at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on February 11 and 12, according to the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).

The major objective of the food festival is to allow attendees to sample cuisine from both host nations and G20 members. This G20 culinary event is open to all participating nations, including invited guests.

29 nations have been invited by the NDMC to take part in the food festival.

The NDMC will offer all interested G20 member countries and visitor countries the necessary space and stalls in addition to other on-site logistic support. Additionally, it will include dustbins and on-site electrical or water connections as needed.

For the preparation of various specialties, interested G20 member countries and guest countries must provide their own chefs, labour, and supplies. Visitors and the general public may purchase the prepared cuisine on a paid basis.

The food festival would spread knowledge about various cuisines from around the world and offer advice on healthy eating and food preparation.


Since the imported Dutch tulip bulbs typically begin blooming in mid-February, NDMC intends to host a 'Tulip Walk' and performances throughout the 15-day Tulip Festival.

In addition to planting twice as many tulip bulbs this year as in past years, NDMC is also experimenting with other flowering species. These innovations would be on display at the G20 Flower Festival, which would be held on March 11 and 12 in Central Park, Connaught Place.

The festival may also include picture booths and stations with live cooking demonstrations, as well as written descriptions of the various cuisines.

Additionally, a specific area will be set aside for the planning of artistic and cultural events for artists from G20 nations and invited nations.

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