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Top 5 Vitamin E rich food you must have in winters for healthy skin and hair

Vitamin E Diet: Start your daily beauty regimen with a skin-friendly diet. Include these vitamin E-rich foods in your breakfast and say goodbye to skin woes in winters.

Chintu Das

Winters can cause our skin to become sensitive, dry, and flaky. As the weather turns colder, it is vital to take care of your skin and hair. You should provide them with appropriate hydration, skin-improving oils, and nutritious meals.

Vitamin E oil is commonly used in cosmetic products to treat skin dryness; nevertheless, it also contains other phoney components and synthetic substances. The best way to provide your body with vitamin E for the skin is through a diet. Vitamin E helps your body fight free radicals and purifies your hair and skin while protecting it against basic difficulties and age-related side effects like dryness, sketchiness, skin burn, and dull patches.

Nutrient E administers free radicals while going through the body. Plentiful vitamin E utilization in the body forestalls oxidative pressure and improves our skin and hair, alongside boosting immunity." 

Start your day-to-day beauty routine with a skin-beneficial eating regimen. Incorporate this vitamin E enriched nourishments in your meal and bid farewell to skin issues in winters. 

- Peanuts: 

Peanuts are a great source of vitamin E. Utilize peanuts toward the beginning of the day by adding the same to your breakfast such as upma and poha, or by mixing them with different nourishments to make shakes and smoothies. 

- Sunflower Seeds: 

These minuscule seeds have vast amounts of vitamin E content in them. Sunflower seeds that are roasted can be used for making an extraordinary crunching breakfast snack to match with your morning tea. Or, you can essentially sprinkle the seeds on your oats, cereal, and other meals of the day. 

- Avocado: 

This flavorful fruit has recently become the breakfast sensation around the country. Recipe wise you can go for plain avocado toast or mashed avocado with different nourishments such as eggs or meats or veggies to finish it off with your bread. Another approach to utilize avocado is by making its plunge and blending it with your suppers. Avocado's smooth surface makes it an amazing breakfast food choice. 

- Spinach: 

Spinach may be used in a variety of breakfast and lunch preparations. Simply boil and chop your spinach before adding it to your eggs to make an omelet or scrambled egg. You may also make tasty spinach and paneer filling to shove inside your paratha or sandwich.

- Almonds: 

Diet and Health specialists recommend eating 5 overnight water-soaked almonds in the morning. You should peel the skin of the almonds before consuming them. You can incorporate almonds into your diet as part of your breakfast or dinner. 

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