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Why You Must Never Drink Tea on an Empty Stomach?

The following are a few possible drawbacks to drinking tea first thing in the morning.

Chintu Das

You might have heard that drinking tea with breakfast is good for your health. However, you should be aware that consuming tea on an empty stomach can have certain negative effects. According to many doctors and nutritionists, tea should be consumed with meals as it can cause indigestion and heartburn.

The following are potential negative effects of drinking tea first thing in the morning:

Causes Sleeplessness

It may result from abrupt changes in body temperature brought on by sweating after exercise or when taking medications that must be taken before bed at night.

Disturb Acid and Alkaline Balance

Tea consumption in the morning can throw off your body's normal acid-alkaline balance.

Bloating and Gas

Bloating or the production of gas in your digestive tract is another negative side effect of drinking tea first thing in the morning. Before consuming food, drink hot beverages to help your stomach expand and accommodate the food. This process raises the pressure in your digestive system, which results in gas or bloating.

Causes Dizziness

Dizziness is a known side effect of caffeine. Dehydration itself, the effects of dehydration, or other factors that we are yet unable to pinpoint could be to blame.

Irregular Heartbeat

Some people have been reported to experience arrhythmia, which is an increase in heartbeat rate caused by caffeine. In addition to other things, this irregular heartbeat can cause anxiety and panic episodes.

Can Cause Constipation

Tea includes a substance called theophylline, which can dehydrate stools and result in constipation. If you drink tea first thing in the morning, your answer is that a healthy, fibre diet and exercise may not be as successful at preventing constipation as they otherwise would be.

It’s Addictive

In addition, tea contains minute amounts of nicotine, which could be the cause of your tea addiction.

Bottom Line:

Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach before starting your day if you want to be healthy.

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