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IFFCO Receives FCO Approval for Nano Zinc and Nano Copper Liquids; Dr. U S Awasthi Congratulates Team

The approval of IFFCO's Nano Zinc and Nano Copper liquids by FCO represents a significant advancement in combatting crop deficiencies and improving global agricultural output.

Shivam Dwivedi
Fertiliser (Inorganic, Organic, Mixed) Control Order (Photo Source: @drusawasthi/X)
Fertiliser (Inorganic, Organic, Mixed) Control Order (Photo Source: @drusawasthi/X)

In a big step forward for agriculture, IFFCO has just secured approval for its Nano Zinc and Nano Copper liquids under the Fertiliser (Inorganic, Organic, Mixed) Control Order. These nano-formulations are designed to address zinc and copper deficiencies in agriculture, aiming to boost crop yields, enhance crop quality, and reduce micronutrient malnutrition around the world.

The approval marks a notable achievement for IFFCO's research team, highlighting their dedication to advancing agricultural technologies that benefit farmers worldwide. By introducing Nano Zinc and Nano Copper liquids, IFFCO is making significant strides in leveraging nanotechnology to address critical agricultural challenges.

Zinc is a crucial micronutrient essential for enzyme functioning in plants, vital for their growth and development. Zinc deficiency is a significant global concern in plant health.

Likewise, copper is important for various enzymatic activities in plants, including chlorophyll and seed production. Copper deficiency can make plants more vulnerable to diseases. The new Nano formulations will address zinc and copper deficiencies in crops, boosting crop yield and quality while tackling the issue of malnutrition.

Dr. U S Awasthi, Managing Director of IFFCO, lauded the achievement, emphasizing the potential impact on farmers' prosperity and agricultural sustainability. The introduction of Nano Zinc and Nano Copper liquids represents a significant milestone in IFFCO's commitment to promoting agricultural productivity and addressing global food security challenges.

“I congratulate IFFCO team for this achievement that will pave way for farmers prosperity and agriculture sustainability,” he tweeted.


With FCO approval secured for three years, IFFCO's Nano Zinc and Nano Copper liquids are set to revolutionize nutrient management in agriculture. These innovative formulations underscore IFFCO's dedication to empowering farmers with cutting-edge solutions that optimize crop health, yield, and resilience against nutrient deficiencies.

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