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May 31: Top Agriculture Industry News

Top industry news in the field of agriculture.

Shipra Singh
Vegetable farm
Vegetable farm

UPL celebrates their Foundation Day, CSC launches their agriculture platform, East-West Seed India expands, IVECO Korea launches its new heavy-duty vehicle, Bionema India gets a UK patent for its novel pest control kit, and Voice of Basai goes live once again. So much good is happening all over despite the shadows of Covid lingering over the world.  

What do we learn from this? Well, every dark cloud has a silver lining. And no matter what happens, we must never forget to celebrate our achievements. We must always strive to move ahead. The only thing required is adapting to the changing world. Once we learn to do this, we can survive and thrive.  

So, here is the top agriculture industry news compiled by our KJ staff.  

UPL Limited is celebrating their Foundation Day today 

UPL Limited celebrated their Foundation Day on May 29! UPL was started in 1969 in a small town in Gujarat. Today, it has become one of the leading crop solution companies in the world. In the words of UPL Founder Dr. R.D. Shroff, “Let’s work towards building a better world - Today & every day.” 

CSC Agriculture Platform launched through their FB live 

CSC Agriculture platform launched through CSC Facebook page. The esteemed speakers were Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, MD, CSC SPV, Mr. Sanjay Kumar Rakesh, CEO, CSC, SPV and Mr. M.C Dominic, Editor-in Chief, Krishi Jagran & Agriculture World.  

Read more about CSC Agriculture Platform here: https://krishijagran.com/news/launch-of-csc-agriculture-platform-an-incredible-event-for-farming-community/ 

East-West Seed India expands its GoGrow kitchen garden 

East-West Seed India expands its GoGrow kitchen garden vegetable seed packs online through BigHaat. GoGrow is designed to help enthusiastic gardeners kick-start the cultivation of fresh vegetables in their home gardens. Speaking on the occasion, G C Shivkumar, General Manager, East-West Seed India said, “There is an increasing trend towards urban farming or growing food in these uncertain and challenging times.” All 14 crops and 21 products have been carefully selected and curated. 

Deepak Fertilizers Q4 net up multi-fold on better realization 

Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corporation reported a higher net profit in the March quarter at 116 crore due to higher production and better realization, against 22 crore logged in the same period last year. Sailesh C Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director, said, the industrial chemicals, mining chemicals and fertilizers performance has now been validated by their seamless integration with the India growth story. The company has enough headroom for capacity expansion and good growth prospects in years to come. 

IVECO Korea launched the new IVECO S-WAY, the 1st vehicle in the new IVECO WAY heavy-duty range 

IVECO Korea officially launched today the new IVECO S-WAY heavy vehicle for on-road missions in the domestic market. The IVECO S-WAY is the first vehicle in the new IVECO WAY heavy-duty range. It offers a complete package with driver-centric features designed to provide a sustainable transport solution. 

To watch video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQuIUakGhvk

Bionema has granted a UK patent for a novel pest control kit 

Bionema Ltd, a leading biopesticide technology company, has been granted a UK patent for a novel pest control kit and method that provides safe and sustainable protection from larval insect pests. Now, Bionema has been granted a new patent (UK Patent No. 2581540) that provides this unique tri-component offering ‘in a box’. 

Voice of Basai by Krishi Jagran was live on May 28, 2021 

Vipin Saini, Associate Editor of Krishi Jagran, did a live discussion with Bhagirath Choudhary, Founder & Director of South Asia Biotechnology Centre in our program Voice of Basai by Krishi Jagran on May 28, on Krishi Jagran Facebook page. The theme was Unlocking opportunity for the high quality spices of Western Dry Region. 

See the video here: https://www.facebook.com/1435740416658252/videos/337309897925529 

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