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PAU Vice-Chancellor Praises Farmers on World Farmers Day, Highlights Role of Innovation & Agribusiness

On World Farmers Day, PAU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal honored farmers for their vital role in food security, urging them to embrace agribusiness and innovative technologies.

KJ Staff
PAU Vice-Chancellor Praises Farmers on World Farmers Day, Highlights Role of Innovation & Agribusiness
PAU Vice-Chancellor Praises Farmers on World Farmers Day, Highlights Role of Innovation & Agribusiness

On the occasion of World Farmers Day, the Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, extended heartfelt congratulations to all farmers for their relentless efforts in feeding the nation. “This day celebrates the vital role farmers play in ensuring food security and sustaining our communities,” remarked Dr. Gosal.

Recognizing the immense contributions of farmers in achieving bountiful harvests and keeping India's granaries full year after year, Dr. Gosal elaborated on their dedication and hard work. He praised the farmers' commitment to excellence in production, which not only sustains us but also fuels our growth. “Our farmers' unwavering dedication is the backbone of our nation's prosperity,” he added.

Dr. Gosal highlighted the importance of farmers evolving from mere producers to agribusiness entrepreneurs through value addition and diversification. “As the global population continues to grow, the role of farmers becomes even more crucial. I urge our farmers to embrace new opportunities in value addition through processing and agri-diversification. This transformation is essential for enhancing profitability and ensuring sustainable agriculture,” he asserted.

Furthermore, the Vice-Chancellor highlighted the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture, urging farmers to adopt innovative technologies to improve efficiency and productivity. “AI and modern technologies can revolutionize farming practices, making them more precise and sustainable. By integrating these advancements, our farmers can lead the way in global agricultural innovation,” Dr. Gosal said.

In his message, Dr. Tejinder Singh Riar, PAU's Additional Director of Communication, also expressed deep gratitude for the farmers' unwavering determination and resilience. “Your efforts are a testament to the strength and spirit of our agricultural community. On World Farmers Day, we salute you,” Dr. Riar stated.

On behalf of all university officers, faculty, staff, and students, Dr. Riar also expressed deep gratitude for the welfare and prosperity of farmers. “Your work not only feeds our families but also shapes the future of our nation. Happy World Farmers Day to all the hardworking farmers who nourish the world.”

World Farmers Day serves as a poignant reminder of the indispensable role that farmers play in our lives. Their tireless efforts ensure that we have food on our tables, and their contributions are fundamental to the economic and social fabric of our society.

As we celebrate this day, let us all acknowledge and appreciate the dedication, innovation, and resilience of our farmers, who continue to nurture the land and sustain our communities.

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