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Somani Seedz Organises Crop Show 2023 in Haryana

Somani Seedz, a pioneer in providing quality seeds to experienced professionals, on Sunday, December 17, organized a crop show 2023 at its farm located in village Kamaspur, District Sonipat, Haryana. The aim of organizing this event was to provide information about improved varieties of vegetables to dealers.

Aysha Anam

Around 70-80 Somani Seedz dealers from different parts of the country also participated in this event. A live demo of Somani Seedz's different products was showcased before the audience, which mostly included farmers.

Somani Seedz Crop Show 2023: Live Display of Vegetables

Somani Seedz displayed vibrant varieties of cabbage, carrot, broccoli, tomatoes, coriander, and radish, to name a few.

K.V. Somani, Chairman, and Managing Director, Somani Seedz said, "Today Crop Show- 2023 has been organized successfully. We have developed many varieties of vegetables including the Cross-35 variety of radish. This variety is being liked a lot by the farmers. This variety of radish becomes ready within 28 to 30 days. With this variety, the farmer gets a profit of about three lakh rupees per acre. Farmers can sow this variety of radishes in their fields from 20th February to 15th November. This new variety of radish is no less than a boon for small farmers."

He further said, "We have also developed a new variety of carrot, Red Queen. Farmers can sow this variety for five months, i.e. from September to January. The specialty of this variety of carrots is that even if the farmer leaves it in the field after it is ready, it does not spoil quickly. Apart from this, we have developed another new variety of carrots named F-1Ajubaa-117. This variety of carrots can be easily grown in different areas of the country. Its colour is red. This carrot can be stored for a long time. Its sowing can also be done for five months."

Somani Seedz Receives Amazing Response from Farmers

Dealers from across the country present at this program of Somani Seedz said that the demand for seeds from Somani Seedz company is very high among the farmers. We are delivering these to the farmers at a reasonable price. Somani Kanak Seedz Pvt Ltd helps farmers to get more profits in less time. It provides improved varieties of seeds to the farmers from time to time.

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