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ACFI Organizes Seminar on Agriculture Extension: Role of Govt and Industry in Gujarat

Under the stewardship program Kisan Kalyan Karyakram, ACFI organized a seminar on Agriculture Extension: Role of the Government and Industry.

Shivam Dwivedi
ACFI Organizes Seminar on Agriculture Extension: Role of Govt and Industry in Gujarat (Photo Source: Pexels)
ACFI Organizes Seminar on Agriculture Extension: Role of Govt and Industry in Gujarat (Photo Source: Pexels)

Parbat B Khistiriya, Dy. Dir. Of Agriculture highlighted the remarkable progress made by Gujarat across the agriculture sector. He spoke about the extensive Agricultural extension work that's being carried out in Gujarat at the Taluka level to reach & help each and every farmer. 

Parbat B Khistiriya stated that they were encountering a few challenges in implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices due to farmers' preconceived notions about traditional farming methods, making them resistant to change. However, he mentioned that progress was being made through regular awareness camps and meetings organized by the department.

According to Divyesh Trivedi, Founder of Aruna Kishor Foundation, the solution lies in conducting a mass awareness program that addresses not only agricultural issues but also the proper usage of agricultural inputs, specifically emphasizing the "Right Usage of Pesticides." Trivedi emphasized the need to sensitize farmers and dealers, who play a crucial role as the primary contact for all farmers, regarding the correct identification of authentic pesticides and their appropriate usage. Moreover, he highlighted the importance of educating farmers about the procurement of high-quality pesticides, stressing the significance of obtaining products with detailed information such as batch numbers and expiry dates on the bills.

Dr. Brijesh Tripathi, Deputy Director, CIB&RC ensured that the central government is working towards enhancing the speed in giving technology-based products to meet the requirements of the farmers.

Parikshit Mundhra, Chairman, Governing Council, ACFI highlighted the organization's objective to work in the interest of the Farmers by educating them about the proper usage of Crop Protection Chemicals for higher yields and better quality of various crops with the appropriate use of agrochemicals involving the right dose, timely application, appropriate application methodology, and use of PPEs from the safety aspect.

Parikshit Mundhra stated that the agricultural extension service provides technical assistance to farmers on various agricultural matters. He mentioned that the service aims to furnish farmers with essential inputs and services to support and enhance their agricultural production. Mundhra emphasized that extension plays a crucial role in boosting agricultural output by utilizing optimal inputs. Furthermore, he pointed out that extension not only leads to increased farm yields and improved living standards for farmers but also contributes to national development programs.

According to Dr. Kalyan Goswami, Director General of ACFI, there are challenges in extending services to rural areas. He mentioned that India has approximately 138 million agricultural holdings, with about 85 percent being small and marginal farmers. Dr. Goswami highlighted that the agricultural extension system is designed to connect research labs to farmers' fields; however, he expressed concern that the public extension services in India are heavily biased towards crop husbandry and tend to neglect allied sectors.

Ankur Aggarwal, Managing Director, Crystal Crop Protection Ltd. Talked about the importance of Public Private Partnerships in agriculture Extension. He mentioned that together we need to work out an Extension program that should be dynamic and customized per the region and population requirements. The government needs to employ skilled and dynamic Agri Extension workers in every Taluka and the Industry can help in proper training & regular update on the latest crop protection chemicals.

Bhavesh Shah, Managing Director, GSP Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. talked about the farmer-centric activities and awareness being done by the Industries Gujrat. It's not only around the use of Agrochemical and good practices, but the industry fraternity is also working for the health and hygiene of the farmers.

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