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Agri India Meet 4.0 to be Held on May 10, 2024: Exploring Disruptive Innovations in Agricultural Value Chains

PUSA Krishi will host the 4th edition of Agri India Meet online, featuring renowned experts discussing disruptive innovations in agricultural value chains and logistics.

Shivam Dwivedi
Agri India Meet 4.0
Agri India Meet 4.0

PUSA Krishi is set to organize the 4th edition of Agri India Meet online from 10 A.M. to 01 P.M. on 10th May 2024. Renowned Agribusiness experts including Dr. Partha R Das Gupta, Advisor Emeritus, Syngenta Foundation, Jagadeesh Sunkad, Independent Consultant, Dinesh Kumar Kapila, Chief General Manager (Retd) NABARD and Manish Gupta, Associate VP, Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals will grace the event as panellists.

AIM 4.0 will focus its discussion on "Disrupting Agriculture Value Chains: Harnessing the Power of Supply Networks & Logistics." The panellists will explore the innovative strategies and emerging trends reshaping agricultural value chains, shedding light on the transformative power used by supply networks & logistical frameworks.

The objective of Agri India Meet 4.0 is to provide insightful discussions on the latest issues, actionable insights, and collaborative opportunities aimed at fostering advancements in the agricultural sector. Moreover, the virtual format will ensure accessibility to a diverse audience, transcending geographical barriers & facilitating maximum participation.

Event Schedule:


Welcome - Opening Remarks & Introducing the Panelists

Manisha Mani, PUSA Krishi


Revolutionizing Agriculture Supply Chains: Innovations and Insights from Seed Systems -

Dr. Partha R Das Gupta, Advisor Emeritus, Syngenta Foundation and Senior Mentor


Thanks by the Master of Ceremony

Manish Gupta, AVP, Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals


Redefining Rural Finance: Transforming Agricultural Value Chains through Accessible Financing & Strategic Investment

Dinesh Kumar Kapila, Chief GM (Retd), NABARD


Thanks and Insightful Reflections wrt Input Marketing & Fresh Produce Supply Chain for Agri Startup Ecosystem

Manish Gupta



Creating Lasting Impressions: PUSA Krishi's Impact & Remarks

Dr. Akriti Sharma, CEO, PUSA Krishi


Thanks and Panel Discussion

(Queries by Master of Ceremony) Manish Gupta


Q&A Session

Manisha Mani 

As the agricultural landscape undergoes rapid evolution, these events serve as an important platform for all interrelated stakeholders to converge, ideate & plan the course toward sustainable growth and resilience in the agri & allied sectors' startup ecosystem.

Registration Link: https://pusakrishi.accubate.app/ext/survey/451/apply

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