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Dhanuka Group Chairman Advocates Integration of Technology in Agriculture to Empower Farmers

Dhanuka Group Chairman, R G Agarwal, emphatically called for the fusion of technology in agriculture. He highlighted the immense potential of drones and artificial intelligence to boost crop yield, cut costs, and uplift farmers' incomes.

Yash Saxena
Dhanuka Group Chairman Advocates Integration of Technology in Agriculture to Empower Farmers
Dhanuka Group Chairman Advocates Integration of Technology in Agriculture to Empower Farmers

Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. hosted a media event at Le Meridien, New Delhi, centred around the theme of Futuristic Technologies in Agriculture—A Game Changer for the Indian Economy. The event was attended by the Dhanuka’s top officials as well as by the group chairman RG Agarwal.  During the event, Dhanuka's founder highlighted the crucial role that technology plays in addressing the challenges faced by farmers and emphasized the need for sustainable and efficient farming practices. 

Agarwal said, "Drones and artificial intelligence are two of the most promising technologies that can revolutionize the agriculture industry.”

He asserted that the adoption of innovative technologies like drones and artificial intelligence will enable farmers to thrive in the global market and enhance the efficiency of their farming practices.

Dhanuka is a prominent player in the agrochemical industry, with a mission to empower farmers by providing them with innovative solutions. In addition, the company is actively engaging in various initiatives to promote the significance of utilizing premium agricultural inputs and accessing credit facilities. Furthermore, Dhanuka Agritech has unveiled a state-of-the-art Research & Development facility. The esteemed presence of Shri Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana, marked the inauguration of the DART Training Centre for Farmers in Palwal, Haryana stated, Agarwal.

Highlighting the paramount importance of both technology and the quality of fertilizers and inputs in farming, Agarwal drew attention to a critical issue. He fervently urged the central and state governments to take decisive actions against those engaged in the illicit sale of smuggled or counterfeit agrochemicals and agricultural inputs.

He also highlighted the need to improve the marketing infrastructure for agricultural produce items, strengthening the supply chain to benefit the farmers and consumers.

Dhanuka Agritech Limited, a prominent agri-input company in India, has achieved recognition as one of the "200 Best under A Billion Companies in Asia Pacific" by Forbes Magazine. The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. Dhanuka has been honored with prestigious accolades, including the Company of the Year (Agro Chemical Category) by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) during the 10th Biennial International Exhibition and Conference - India Chem 2018. Over time, Dhanuka has consistently received numerous awards and accolades for its outstanding contributions to the industry.

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