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Goa can Embrace Natural Farming Easily, says Agricultural Expert

Natural farming should be practiced in our state to conserve our natural resources such as soil, water, and air, according to Parveen Kumar, director of the ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR-CCARI), Goa.

Shivam Dwivedi
ICAR-CCARI, discussed the importance of natural farming
ICAR-CCARI, discussed the importance of natural farming

Because of its geographical location and natural resources, he believes that natural farming can be easily implemented in Goa. Parveen Kumar was speaking during a natural farming training event organized at the institute recently as part of the International Year of Millets.

45 farmers, including women, attended and witnessed a live demonstration at agriculturist Sanjay Patil's farm in Savoi Verem, where he discussed mass multiplication of jeevamrut (natural liquid fertilizer) and its application to all of his plants.

HRC Prabhu, senior scientist at the institute and programme director, informed the farmers on the training programme.

Natural farming, often known as traditional farming, is a chemical-free farming approach. It is a diversified farming system based on agroecology that mixes crops, trees, and livestock with functional biodiversity.

At the technical session, Monica Suresh Singh, subject matter specialist, agricultural extension, ICAR-CCARI, discussed the importance of natural farming. Dr Parmesha V, ICAR-CCARI scientist in agronomy, lectured about the cultivation of main Goan crops through natural farming.

Rahul Kulkarni, a soil scientist, demonstrated the creation of jeevamrut soil, which is considered nutrient rich and organic.

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