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Haryana's Agri Minister Encourages Farmers to Embrace Horticulture Crops for Increased Profits

The increase in the budget allocation for Haryana’s Agriculture Department and the focus on promoting horticulture farming aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers, and enhance agricultural productivity.

Shivam Dwivedi
Haryana's Agri Minister Encourages Farmers to Embrace Horticulture Crops for Increased Profits (Photo Source: Pexels)
Haryana's Agri Minister Encourages Farmers to Embrace Horticulture Crops for Increased Profits (Photo Source: Pexels)

Haryana Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister, J. P Dalal, announced a significant increase in the budget allocation for the Agriculture Department, highlighting the government's commitment to strengthen the agricultural sector and ensure the welfare of farmers. The budget has surged from 800 crores to 4,000 crores, reflecting the government's dedication to promoting agricultural development.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the three-day fruit festival held at the Sub-Tropical Fruits Centre in Ladwa, Kurukshetra, Minister Dalal emphasized the potential of farmers to achieve higher profits through tropical horticulture farming. He encouraged farmers to adopt modern horticulture farming practices and move away from traditional methods, aiming to maximize profitability while reducing farming costs.

Minister Dalal also urged farmers to take advantage of the special grant scheme initiated by the government to establish fruit orchards. Under this scheme, farmers can receive grants for setting up orchards with a variety of fruit trees. The state government is actively promoting the establishment of fruit orchards as they offer higher profitability for farmers.

Furthermore, Minister Dalal commended events like the fruit festival for providing technical insights related to horticulture crops. He suggested the development of horticulture tourism centers to educate urban children about fruit and other horticultural crop cultivation. The minister applauded the efforts of the Agriculture Department in creating awareness among farmers and promoting the adoption of innovative farming practices.

Dhuman Singh Kirmach, Vice-Chairman of the Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board, lauded the people of Ladwa for their unique contribution to establishing the fruit center. Their efforts have played a significant role in advancing horticulture farming in the region.

 Joginder Singh, Joint Director of the Horticulture Department, highlighted that approximately 1,500 farmers received training on various aspects of horticulture farming during the festival. The training covered topics such as mango restoration, high-density plantation, drip irrigation, disease management, canopy management in litchi, nursery management, peach cultivation, plum and pear intensive management, and advanced international techniques.

The fruit festival provided practical demonstrations and technical knowledge to enhance fruit yield and ensure disease-free crops. In recognition of their contributions, the Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister honored officials, department representatives, and firms for their informative stalls aimed at educating farmers.

Minister Dalal also acknowledged the participation of 1,500 students from 22 schools in various competitions held during the event, promoting awareness and interest in agriculture among the younger generation.

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