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IFFCO Nano Urea Launched In Nepal

At a spectacular occasion in Kathmandu on Sunday, former Union Minister Suresh Prabhu introduced IFFCO Nano Urea for the first time in Nepal. Yogendra Kumar, the marketing director at IFFCO, was also present.

Shubhi Singh
Suresh Prabhu recently launched Nano Urea in Nepal at an event.
Suresh Prabhu recently launched Nano Urea in Nepal at an event.

In order to make Nano urea accessible to Nepalese farmers, IFFCO has partnered with the industry leader C G Corp, a prominent firm with over 160 companies and 123 brands worldwide and over 1500 workers.

"Glad to share that #IFFCO – CG Corp launched #NanoUrea in Nepal today to boost crop cultivation and increase productivity. Mr. @sureshpprabhu chaired the event and the keynote address was given by Sh. @iffcoyogendra MKD, IFFCO in presence of Mr. Nirvan Choudhary, MD, CG Corp, Nepal," tweeted IFFCO MD Dr. US Awasthi as he announced the news.

The mission of C G Corp, a Nepalese corporation that is still expanding, is to promote Nepalese companies abroad. According to the company's website, "Carrying our generational legacy, we take pride in carrying out our social and environmental responsibilities with distinction."

It's important to mention that Nano Urea has already launched in a number of other nations.

Recently, Nano Urea liquid has been making rounds in the news, with IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited) introducing its Nano Urea Liquid for farmers. It is the world’s first Nano Urea Liquid that aims to enhance plant nutrition and help farmers worldwide.

What is Nano Urea?

Agriculture and food are crucial for all life on Earth. Due to the rising global population and growing need for food, fertilizer consumption has skyrocketed. But for a long time, farmers have produced crops using conventional techniques. This involves utilizing urea to augment the nitrogen needs of plants and boost the output of food crops.

On the other side, urea can damage the environment if used regularly and in large quantities, even if it aids in increasing agricultural output. Studies show that about 40% of urea is not used by plants, causing it to end up in the soil and groundwater. Furthermore, too much urea releases nitrous oxide, a dangerous greenhouse gas that can be bad for the environment. But without urea, farmers have a number of difficulties, such as reduced crop yields and an inability to earn bread.

The first Nano Urea, a ground-breaking remedy for the problems associated with utilizing urea, was presented by IFFCO. With the goal of increasing agricultural yields, boosting soil fertility, and enhancing farmers' quality of life by granting them social and economic independence, IFFCO has been working on behalf of farmers for the past 50 years. The novel item was created at the IFFCO Nano Biotechnology Research Center in Kalol, Gujarat.

What are the advantages of Nano Urea as a fertilizer?

A ground-breaking product called Nano Urea harnesses nanotechnology to meet the nitrogen demands of plants. Some of the advantages include -

  • Nano Urea has been tested for toxicity and biosafety. It is safe for usage and is not harmful to people, animals, birds, or soil organisms.

  • Compared to 2.5 bags of urea, one 500 ml bottle of nano-urea can provide one acre of a field with crops with nitrogen at a rate of 40,000 mg/ml.

  • Nano Urea studies show an increase in crop production by around 8%.

  • The product is made with nanotechnology which is the most cutting-edge nitrogen fertilizer with increased efficiency.

  • Nano Urea is also cost-effective and only needed in small amounts.

  • The fact that Nano Urea has little effect on the environment is by far the most important advantage of using it in agriculture. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions will be decreased, and the quality of the air and water will be improved.

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