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Latest News! Domestic LPG Price Hiked by Rs 50 Per 14.2-kg Cylinder, Check New Rates

With this price increase, in effect from March 1, a 14.2-kg domestic LPG cylinder has been priced at Rs 1,103 in Delhi, Rs 1,102.50 in Mumbai, Rs 1,129 in Kolkata, and Rs 1,118.50 in Chennai.

Shruti Kandwal

With effect from today (March 1), the price of a 14.2 kilogramme domestic LPG cylinder has increased by Rs 50. The domestic cylinder will now cost Rs 1103 per cylinder in Delhi due to the latest revision.

Moreover, a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder now costs 350.50 more. Due to this rise, a 19 kg commercial cylinder in Delhi will cost 2119.50. New prices are in effect as of right now.

From today, the 14.2 kg LPG cylinder will be sold in Delhi for Rs 1103 as opposed to Rs 1053. This cylinder will cost 1102.5 in Mumbai as opposed to 1052.50. It will cost 1129 rupees in Kolkata instead of 1079, and 1118.5 in Chennai instead of 1068.50. This is the second increase in the cost of a commercial LPG cylinder this year. Commercial cylinder costs had previously raised by Rs 25 per unit starting on January 1.

Commercial LPG cylinders in Delhi will now cost Rs. 2119.5 instead of Rs. 1769 as of today. In Kolkata, it was 1870; it is currently 2221.5. In Mumbai, the cost has gone up from 1721 to 2071.50. The cylinder, which cost 1917 rupees in Chennai, will now cost 2268 rupees.

Due to local taxes, domestic cooking gas costs differ from state to state. Every month at the start, the fuel retailers update their LPG cylinder rates.

Every household is entitled to 12 14.2 kg cylinders at discounted rates per year. Customers then must pay market prices for any additional LPG cylinder purchases. The PAHAL (Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG) programme offers consumers discounted LPG cylinders. The subsidy is influenced by a number of variables, including crude oil prices and foreign exchange fluctuations.

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