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MFOI 2023: Meet the Richest Farmer of India (Female) Rathnamma Gundamanttha from Kolar, Karnataka, Who Earns Rs 1.18 crore [Exclusive Interview]

Krishi Jagran's Millionaire Farmer of India Awards sponsored by Mahindra Tractors was conducted from December 6 to 8, announced two millionaire farmers of India and two richest farmers of India, Rathnamma Gundamanttha received the award in the female category.

Aysha Anam

Rathnamma Gundamanttha, a visionary women farmer from Srnivasapura taluk in Kolar was honoured with the "Richest Farmer of India" Award by M C Dominic, Founder and Editor in Chief and Shiny Dominic, Managing Director of Krishi Jagran.

Ratnamma practises mixed farming, with cereals in one acre of her land and sericulture, among others. She informed the team of Krishi Jagran that she has recieved a five-day training in KVK Kolar and that it is helpful for her business.

She has introduced new methods of preserving cereals. This has made her famous in the farming community.

She has been processing cereal, and making pickles of mangoes, aloana and tomatoes. "We also sell masala powder products," she added.

She has been working along with ICAR-IIHR, Bangalore, ICAR-IIMR Hyderabad.

"We have developed the technology of ripening mangoes naturally from our garden. We sell them with the help of FPO and SHG members. Our main buyers are the urban population in Bangalore. We are also selling 3kg mango boxes online," she said.

Not just the Richest Farmer of India Award 2023, but a lot more feathers have been adorned in her hat for a long.

She received the Best Agricultural Farmer Woman of Kolar, Karnataka and District Level Best Agriculture Women Award (UAS, GKVK) Bangalore ( 2018, 2020) District Rajyotsava Award.


AV Ratnamma has become a notable figure, earning an impressive income exceeding 1.18 crore rupees annually. Their ventures span various domains, from agricultural products to cereals, processing, and beyond. Engaged in the meticulous processes of cereal malting, sub-blending, cleaning, and packing, they've diversified into producing cereal dosa mix, cereal idli mix, and an array of mango products like pickles and Alona.

With their own branded line of pickles, tomato pickles, and masala powder products, AV Ratnamma has established a wide reach across the country under the banner of Vedic food products. Their success doesn't stop at farming methods; they've stunned many with mixed crops on their four-acre land, involving themselves in cereal cultivation, sericulture, mango cultivation, cattle breeding, fishing, and multiple industries.

Her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit have made her the richest woman farmer in India and a symbol of women's empowerment in agriculture.

Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying Parshottam Rupala, who was the chief guest in the event, took to Twitter to wish the Richest Farmer of India. 

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