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Netizens Go Crazy Over Street Vendor’s Butter Chai, Know What’s Special About His Tea

After a long day, the only time most of us sit back and relax is at chai time. Would you, on the other hand, add butter to your typical chai recipe?

Chintu Das
Butter Chai
Butter Chai

Nothing compares to the delight of putting our hands around a hot cup of chai and savouring it with some munchies for the tea enthusiasts. A kadak chai makes everything right, no matter the season or situation!

The wonderful thing is that we all have our own unique approaches to producing it. Some people prefer it with less milk, some want it with traces of harsh spices and ginger, while others prefer it without sugar. Despite the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all method for making chai, the key components are always water, tea leaves, sugar, milk, ginger, and spices. But what if we told you that a new chai flavour included butter? Would you still give it a shot? 

A video of a street vendor's creation of 'butter chai' has just gone viral. A street seller makes chai with a twist in a clip shared by @eatthisagra. The vendor starts the video by heating some milk. The tea leaves, sugar, masala, and a glob of butter are then added to the chai! He serves the tea in a kulhad after stirring and boiling it well. The street seller, according to @eatthisagra, is located near Ram Babu in Agra. 

Since its release, the video has received one million views, 29.5k likes, and hundreds of comments. Many folks have expressed their displeasure with this tea. Other users even offered caustic remarks, such as "He could have added cheese as well," and "they would never do this," among other things. However, some users have awarded this experiment a thumbs up. 

Despite the fact that this butter chai has received a lot of conflicting reviews, we'd want to hear your thoughts on it. Would you attempt anything similar at home? Please let us know in the comments section below! 

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