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Odisha to Establish 1000 New Cold Storage Facilities in the State

Naveen Patnaik, Odisha CM emphasized the use of the latest technology in the field of agriculture for better outcomes.

Sonali Behera
Arabinda Padhee was seen addressing the state's agriculture industry's urge to expand in four areas
Arabinda Padhee was seen addressing the state's agriculture industry's urge to expand in four areas

Speaking at the Krushi Odisha 2023 event in Bhubaneswar on Thursday, Agriculture & Farmers' Empowerment Department Secretary Arabinda Padhee stated that up to 1,000 cold storage facilities would be built in Odisha to improve the state's agricultural infrastructure.

According to Padhee, each unit will have a storage capacity of 10 to 15 metric tonnes. He further said about the solar energy that will be used to power these cold storage facilities.

Naveen Patnaik, chief minister of Odisha inaugurated the "Krushi Odisha"-2023 event at Baramunda Ground and emphasized on the need for crop diversification and agricultural mechanization. He also urged farmers to use cutting-edge technologies for improved yield.

According to the chief minister, everybody will be profited if farmers use technology in the agriculture sector effectively. The theme of the Krushi Odisha was "Emerging Technologies in Agriculture”.

Odisha has developed into a leading state in the agricultural industry, Patnaik said adding that the development of agriculture and farmers is a focus of his government.

The chief minister said that Odisha has transitioned from a food-deficient state to one that is present in abundance. About the KALIA program of the state government, Patnaik said that it has served as a safety net for farmers who struggle to secure financing for their farming operations.

The KALIA plan, introduced by the state government in 2018, provides farmers with Rs 4,000 in two equal installments each year. The state government has started the Panas (jackfruit) and Chathu (mushroom) Missions to increase the income of farmers.

According to him, these two missions, together with the Millet (Mandia) Mission, all benefit farmers. According to Patnaik, the Millet Mission has captured the attention of the entire nation and the entire world today and has also contributed to a rise in the revenue of self-help organizations.

As per the media reports Padhee was seen addressing the state's agriculture industry's urge to expand in four areas. Crop diversification, or the cultivation of crops other than paddy, comes first. The second is agriculture mechanization or the utilization of farming equipment. Thirdly, ancillary industries including horticulture, animal resources, and fishing are given attention. Padhee also mentioned the development of agricultural entrepreneurship.

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