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Pluga Pumps Launch ‘Medal’- Water Filled Pump Set exclusively at Krishi Darshan Expo 2022

Pluga Pumps launched their new products called ‘Medal’ and ‘Jal Dhara’ exclusively on Krishi Jagran’s Facebook page. The launch took place at the Krishi Darshan Expo 2022 in Hisar.

Binita Kumari
Pluga Pumps
Pluga Pumps

On 12 March, Saturday, Pluga Pumps launched a 100 mm (4") Water Filled Submersible Pump set named ‘Medal’ exclusively on Krishi Jagran’s Facebook page. The launch took place at the Krishi Darshan Expo 2022 in Hisar.

‘Medal’ is a water-filled submersible pump. This pump may be used for residential, hospitality or gardening/ horticultural purposes. It suits all the requirements alike.

Anoop Aggarwal, Vice President of Pluga Pumps along with Abhishek launched the water-filled submersible pumps and introduced Krishi Jagran’s viewers to the many applications and features of this unique pump set.

The Medal pump is a domestic pump that can be installed in any household. It is made by Pluga’s high-quality standard German design. They are ergonomically fit, durable, and a value for money product.

This pump is efficiently designed for less power consumption. What’s unique about the product is its small-sized product that can be fit inside any type of pipe easily. It costs less than 10-12 percent that of other regular products.

Pluga Pumps has over 400 dealers and distributors, with over 100 service stations and offices in all major cities all over India.

They cover the North India planes pretty widely with branch offices in Lucknow, Delhi, and Jaipur among many other places. Their toll-free number is 18003131381 is reachable 24/7 for customers.

About Pluga Pumps: PLUGA Pumps and Motors Pvt Ltd is a famous Indian brand known for world-class production and distribution of Water Pumping systems (100 percent subsidiary of Franklin Electric, USA).

PLUGA, which has been in business since 1987, has made a significant contribution to the development of superior submersible water pumps and motors during the previous three decades.

Originally created and constructed in technical partnership with PLEUGER Germany, they are now India's leading manufacturer of submersible motor pump sets ranging from 100mm (4") to 200mm (8") in diameter.

They are also the first company in India to introduce Noryl pumps for sanitary drinking water supply. The launch took place at the10th Krishi Darshan Expo 2022 in Hisar. The expo hosts several manufacturers, policymakers, service holders, and institutes to showcase their products and services.

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