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Purabi Dairy forays into Cattle Feed Supplements Segment

WAMUL has begun production of Region Specific Mineral Mixture & By-Pass Protein Meal at its Cattle Feed Plant located in Changsari, Kamrup district, as part of its scheduled product line-up.

Chintu Das
Purabi Dairy
Purabi Dairy

West Assam Milk Producers’ Cooperative Union Ltd (WAMUL), also known as Purabi Dairy made invasion in Cattle Feed enhancements to amplify its push towards expanding milk profitability and diminishing creation cost for dairy farmers. 

The scope of Cattle Feed supplements will strengthen WAMUL's endeavors in improving milk efficiency of dairy cattle and in this way decrease the expense of production. Efficiency improvement is distinguished as one of the vital territories of intercessions needed for dairy advancement in Assam. 

WAMUL has begun production of Region Specific Mineral Mixture & By-Pass Protein Meal at its Cattle Feed Plant located in ChangsariKamrup district, as part of its scheduled product line-up. Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Assam Cooperation Minister, in the presence of Meenesh Shah, Executive Director, NDDB & Chairman, WAMUL Management Committee, inaugurated the plants.  

Shah emphasised that WAMUL encouraged and perpetuated scientific feeding approaches such as the Ration Balancing Program (RBP) and the improvement of breeds through the Artificial Insemination (AI) method. Via the Assam Project for Agri-Business & Rural Transformation (APART), these programs are sponsored and financed by the Government of Assam. WAMUL is the Formal Dairy Sector End Implementing Agency (EIA). The provision of area-specific mineral mixtures for enhanced productivity is a vital component of the feeding regime, particularly for the cattle's productive and reproductive health. 

Bharat Chandra Kalita, a farmer individual from the WAMUL Management Committee and a profoundly knowledgeable dairy farmer, expressed his interest and conveyed his satisfaction on behalf of the multitude of farmers on the event as their very own cooperative is indeed beginning to manufacture cows feed and feed supplements, which is exceptionally fundamental and basic in supporting dairying. 

It surfaced while addressing the merchandise with WAMUL's tech staff that a main and one of the most nutritious elements is protein in livestock feed. A creative process has been implemented for the production of by-pass protein to boost the bio-availability of certain proteins. Currently, WAMUL has introduced Bypass Protein as a cattle feed supplement. The compound cattle feed to be produced in the plant will use such bypass protein as an additive to create Compound Cattle Feed based on Bypass Protein in the coming days. 

As of now, WAMUL is overseen by the National Dairy Development Board and retains market leadership presence in Assam in pasteurized and strengthened pocket milk category with deals of more than 67,000 liters of milk each day and more than 5000 liters worth of milk items.

With financing from the World Bank, under the Government’s APART project. WAMUL has indeed been able to place a group of veterinary doctors to guarantee the improvement of cattle efficiency through the AI network infrastructure. WAMUL will be able to guarantee the delivery of healthful & good feed supplements for farmers with the rollout of its spectrum of cattle feed & feed supplements. In turn, these initiatives will translate into better development of quality milk and greater returns to local dairy farmers, a step towards Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's "Doubling Farmers' Income" goal.

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