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Rajasthan To Provide 8% Interest Subsidy on Loans from Women's Fund

Gehlot government has passed an order in Rajasthan to provide subsidies on loans for women’s funds as well as the hybrid glass exhibitions which will be held during the panchayats.

Shivangi Rai
Rajasthan Government to provide 8% interest subsidy on loans from Women's Funds
Rajasthan Government to provide 8% interest subsidy on loans from Women's Funds

The Rajasthan government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, has announced two significant decisions to provide relief to the people of the state.

The first decision aims to support women's financial independence and empowerment by providing subsidies on loans taken from the Rajasthan Women's Fund. The government has approved an 8 percent interest subsidy on loans taken by members of self-help groups for a period of two years, with a maximum loan limit of Rs 1 lakh. This move will provide women with economic and social benefits and will help to uplift their standard of living. To support this initiative, an additional financial provision of Rs 24 crore has been allocated.

The second decision is aimed at promoting the cultivation of hybrid Napier grass in the state. The government has approved the establishment of an exhibition of hybrid Napier grass in all gram panchayats of Rajasthan under the 'Rajasthan Seed Production and Distribution Mission.

The exhibition will be set up on 0.2 hectares of land in each gram panchayat and will be beneficial to progressive farmers, department farms, agricultural training centers, and major cow shelters. This move will promote the production of cattle feed in the state, which is critical for increasing the yield of cattle feed in semi-arid regions like Rajasthan. The government will spend Rs 23 crore from the 'Farmer Welfare Fund' to implement this decision.

Furthermore, the CM launched 'Rajasthan Mahila Nidhi' on Women's Equality Day on August 26, 2022. The fund aims to provide financial assistance to self-help groups in the state, enabling them to access loans for their everyday needs and self-employment. This fund will offer women a reliable and accessible source of credit, supporting their financial independence and promoting their economic growth.

Overall, these decisions are expected to have a significant impact on the people of Rajasthan, promoting their social and economic well-being. The government's focus on promoting women's financial independence, supporting the agricultural sector, and increasing the yield of cattle feed reflects its commitment to the state's overall development.

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