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Technology Exposure to Farmers Crucial to Boost Agricultural Production, says CM Stalin

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin's call for the integration of modern technology with agriculture underscores the government's commitment to transforming the sector into a profitable trade.

Shivam Dwivedi
Technology Exposure to Farmers Crucial to Boost Agricultural Production, says CM Stalin (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Technology Exposure to Farmers Crucial to Boost Agricultural Production, says CM Stalin (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Chief Minister M.K. Stalin highlighted the crucial role of modern technology in enhancing agricultural production during the inauguration of the Agro Business Expo in Chennai on Saturday. He emphasized that the agriculture sector could flourish as a profitable trade only if farmers had access to advanced technology and if government officials possessed a comprehensive understanding of the agricultural domain.

While addressing the gathering, Chief Minister Stalin lamented that agriculture had not yet transformed into a lucrative occupation for farmers. In order to address this issue, the government is committed to increasing the export of agricultural products. The Chief Minister reiterated the administration's dedication to digitizing the agriculture sector, with the aim of significantly improving the lives of farmers.

Recognizing the importance of expanding the cultivation area and ensuring fair prices for farmers, he called upon the expo to serve as a stepping stone towards achieving these goals. The Agro Business Expo, with its diverse range of exhibits, is expected to provide a platform for farmers to learn about and embrace modern agricultural practices.

Chief Minister Stalin's vision for the agriculture sector revolves around empowering farmers by equipping them with cutting-edge technology and enabling government officials to effectively support their needs. By leveraging technology, the government aims to revolutionize agricultural practices, improve yields, and facilitate higher income opportunities for farmers.

The Chief Minister's commitment to increasing agricultural exports underscores the government's determination to boost the income of farmers. With a strong emphasis on digitization, the administration aims to streamline processes, provide better access to markets, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the agricultural sector.

As the Agro Business Expo unfolds, stakeholders from various segments of the agriculture industry, including farmers, agribusinesses, and policymakers, will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, explore new technologies, and foster collaborations. The expo is expected to serve as a catalyst for knowledge sharing and innovation, laying the foundation for a modern and prosperous agricultural landscape in the state.

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