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Uttarakhand Forest Department To Open A Tree House For Tourists In Nainital

In the Fato range of the Terai west forest division near Ramnagar in Nainital, the Uttarakhand forest department will open a tree home for tourists in early next year.

Chintu Das
Tree House
Tree House

From early next year, the Uttarakhand forest department will open a tree house in the Fato range in the Terai west forest division near Ramnagar in Nainital for tourists. Officials stated this would be the first tree home open to tourists in the Himalayan state's woods.

They went on to say that the tree home concept encourages sustainable living without harming the environment.

"Because the construction is located in the Terai west forest division, tourists will be able to see tigers, elephants, and deer while relaxing in the luxury of their tree house apartments." Booking the tree house will cost roughly Rs 10 to 15,000 per night, according to Balwant Shahi, divisional forest officer, Terai West forest division. He went on to say that more tree houses will be built in Uttarakhand's woods in the near future. The 40-foot-high structure is made of Sal and teak wood and contains two bedrooms and a bathroom. It will open to the public next month.

"It is nice to see that the forest department is coming up with sustainable solutions to enhance forest tourism rather than creating concrete facilities," said Rakesh Katwal, a hotelier in the Kumaon region, who welcomed the effort.

Meanwhile, around Christmas, the forest department plans to open a jungle safari in the Fato range. Officials claim that this safari will give job possibilities for local children.

About Uttarakhand Forest Department

Uttarakhand's Forest Department is in charge of some of India's most diverse forests and biodiversity. These are strewn across a terrain that comprises plains dominated by tall Sal trees and a plethora of other plant types.

Uttarakhand is a lovely state nestled in the foothills of the snow-capped Himalayas, surrounded by lush greenery. With Uttarakhand's diverse flora and fauna, a number of National Parks have been established around the state, serving not only as a natural habitat for Uttarakhand's flora and fauna, but also as a wealth of information for tourists that visit these parks.

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