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18-Year-Old Girl’s Journey to Pig Farming Success

Namrata, an 18-year-old from a Scheduled Caste community, excels in pig farming, utilizing innovative methods, biosecurity, and education to support her family and break stereotypes in her generation.

Shivangi Rai
Namrata manages a diverse stock of 2 boars, 4 sows, and 12 growers.
Namrata manages a diverse stock of 2 boars, 4 sows, and 12 growers.

Namrata, an 18-year-old girl from a Scheduled Caste community, is pursuing her higher secondary education while demonstrating remarkable courtesy and determination in her pig farming venture.

Her journey in pig farming began after completing her 10th standard with an impressive matriculation grade of 87%. She supported her father with farming and continued to nurture her interest alongside her studies.

Namrata manages a diverse stock of 2 boars, 4 sows, and 12 growers. During academic breaks, she enhanced her practical knowledge through training at the ICAR-National Research Centre on Pig in Rani, Guwahati.

Here, she learned about scientific pig farming techniques and artificial insemination in pigs, transforming herself into an emerging farm entrepreneur. This is quite unusual for her generation, as not many are drawn to this field.

She's proficient at minimizing input costs by utilizing locally available resources such as rice polish and fish market waste for pig feed, ensuring that these ingredients are properly prepared before being given to the pigs.

In an innovative move, she has also integrated pig farming with Azolla cultivation, incorporating dried Azolla as a nutritional supplement on a weekly basis.

Namrata has received essential farm inputs, including a biosecurity kit and farm implements, through the SCSP (Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan) program of the ICAR-National Research Centre on Pig. Regular disinfection and cleaning practices on her farm have effectively prevented the outbreak of African Swine Fever, a disease that has devastated neighbouring farms.

Her long-term plans are centered on the breeder facility, where she sees potential for increased income. In the previous year, she sold 32 piglets, earning Rs. 1,44,000 from piglet sales alone.

Additionally, she generated a combined income of Rs. 60,000 by selling two finishers, totalling more than Rs. 2 lakhs. These financial contributions to her family allow her to make independent decisions and continue her studies while excelling in both education and pig farming.

Namrata is a shining example of dedication, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial spirit, defying conventional expectations in her community.

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