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Expert Tips for a Ready for Spring Garden

Get your garden ready for the spring with these tips from garden expert Chris Bonnett.

Binita Kumari
Spring Gardens
Spring Gardens

According to garden expert Chris Bonnett, the best time to start preparing your garden for spring and summer is around March. "As the weather begins to warm up slightly, our gardens will gradually begin to come back to life, so now is a good time to do things like get rid of weeds and prepare your soil," Chris explained. 

He said, "It's always a good idea to keep a watch on the weather because, as we all know, the weather isn't always reliable. If it's still chilly where you live, you might be able to put some of these jobs on hold for the time being." 

"Despite the cold, there are still certain tasks you can complete in your garden this month, such as cleaning your patio and tidying up your lawn, in preparation for any entertaining you want to undertake during spring and summer."

Planting summer bulbs is one of the most popular garden jobs right now. 

According to experts, as spring approaches, the soil will warm up, making it simpler to put bulbs and seeds.

However, weeding is necessary to guarantee that your bulbs grow into healthy plants. 

Weeds tend to grow in the spring, so it's best to take care of them now before they fully sprout.

Pulling weeds out of the ground by hand is the simplest method. Keeping slugs and snails at bay is now another chore to finish during this time. 

Slug and snail pellets should be scattered on the ground before the pests wreck your landscape, according to the experts.

If you want to plant some veggies this year, now is the time to prepare and enrich the soil so that they can develop as well as possible. 

"Most veggies grow best in rich soil, which you can enhance by adding things like bark, manure, and grass clippings," Chris explained. 

Rocket potatoes, which can be planted earlier than regular potatoes, around the end of March, are one of the vegetables to plant right now.

The potatoes will be ready to harvest in June or July if you follow this schedule. 

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