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5 Unmatched Benefits of Setting Curd in Earthen Pot

Curd set in earthern pot is more nutritious and flavorful.

Shipra Singh
Thick and creamy curd in earthern pot
Thick and creamy curd in earthern pot

Curd is a healthy and nutritious cuisine that dieticians frequently recommend. My mother insisted on a bowl of curd for lunch when I was a kid so that I would get adequate calcium. My grandma regularly made curd in an earthen pot, which I noted. And we'd eagerly dig out a scoop of thickly set curd with a distinct flavor that was unlike anything you'd find in a packet.

Scientists have proven that storing curd in earthen pots, or "matki," as it is commonly known, has numerous health benefits. Earlier, people also used to cook in earthen pots 

Here are the benefits of setting curd in an earthen pot: 

1. The porous earthen pot lets the curd set thicker and creamier

Clay, which is porous by nature, is commonly used to make earthen pots. It makes water absorption easier. When you put curd in a pot like this, it absorbs a lot of water. This results in a rich, creamy curd.

2. The pot provides natural insulation and safeguards against temperature fluctuation

To properly set the curd, the temperature must be just right. A small temperature change can cause your curd to turn watery, thin, sour, or tasteless. A clay pot acts as a good insulator and helps to maintain proper heat. This generates an ideal temperature for the curd to set perfectly.

3. The curd becomes rich in minerals

If you set curd in a pot made entirely of clay, it will be rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and other micronutrients. Curd prepared in this manner is higher in nutrition and easier to digest than curd prepared in plastic or steel containers.

4. The pot renders curd a unique earthy flavor

A clay pot gives your curd a distinct earthy flavor that you won't find in any other container. The flavor is subtle enough not to overpower the curd's inherent flavor while still making it delicious. You actually have to try such a curd to get a sense of the flavor, as the earthy flavor is difficult to convey in words.

5. The pot’s alkaline nature balances the acidity of curd

Clay is naturally alkaline. Curd is an acidic food. When curd is placed in a clay pot, the acidity of the curd is balanced by the alkalinity of the clay. This adds a little of sweetness to your curd. People who can't eat curd without adding sugar will find that curd set in a clay pot is inherently sweet and tasty enough that they won't need to add sugar. Try it.

Steps to set curd in earthern pot 

  • For the best results, use an unglazed earthen pot. This one is the mineral-rich. To make creamy, thick texture, use a full cream cow or buffalo milk.

  • However, even when using toned milk, curd will be placed in an earthen pot gets thick.

  • Ensure temperature of milk is right, neither hot nor cold. It should be warm during summer and slighter warmer during winter.  

  • Add starter curd (a spoon of already set curd).

  • Cover the pot and keep it aside, undisturbed in a warm place.  

  • Curd takes roughly 5-6 hours to set in the summer and 8-12 hours in the winter. During the winter, the ideal method is to leave the curd to set overnight.

  • To avoid the curd becoming sour, place it in the refrigerator after it has set.

Relish your thick, delicious curd.  

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