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5 Healthy and Delicious Soups of India One Must Try in Monsoon

The article talks about famous soups of India. Each soup is a staple in the state. You can easily prepare these soups at home.

Shipra Singh

What’s the best thing about rains - teas and pakodas? And if we talk about the healthier options then yes its soups! You can relish them almost daily in this season. A bowl of piping hot soup on a rainy day is one of the most pleasing things in the world. Don’t you agree? When you are at home and it’s raining hard, it is the ideal time to prepare some hot soup. Sit by the window and enjoy your soup as you watch the raindrops fall on the ground like glittering diamonds.

Soups are great for health. Besides, they are a one-pot meal, quite satiating, yummy, and nutritious, depending on the ingredients you use in it. For example, if you make tomato soup, it is high in antioxidant like lycopene. If it is mushroom soup, it is high in protein.

Every state has a soup of its own

India is a diverse country. Eating habits and cuisines are different in different states. For example, the South India “rasam” is a delicious peppery-tangy soup. The “saar” of Maharashtra and the “shorba” of North India are equally delightful to have on a rainy day, so is Gujarat’s “osaman.” And you simply can’t ignore “thenthuk” and “churpi” of Sikkim. These are comfort foods that not only taste yummy, but also soothe your body and help to strengthen your immunity depending on the ingredients you add in it.

1. Rasam

Rasam is a spicy and clear soup, almost the staple of South India. People usually consume it with rice or just have it as soup. Traditionally, it is a part of a typical South Indian meal that consists of curd rice or sambhar rice. The distinct taste of Rasam comes from its unique seasoning with spices and its consistency. Rasam is different from sambhar. Rasam is also made from raw mango.

(see image of Rasam in the beginning)


2. Saar

Saar is basically a spicy tomato soup prepared with ripe and red tomatoes, chillies, and curry leaves. It is a staple dish in Maharashtrian cuisine. Mumbaikers love saar a lot. You can have it with vegetable pulao for a hearty meal.

Kokum saar is another popular Maharashtrian dish that is made from unsweetened kokum, which is a medicinal tropical fruit of the mangosteen family.


3. Shorba

Shorba is basically a dish of the Middle East countries and became popular in North India. The broth is prepared from vegetables and meat. It is usually taken as a starter or along with the main course. You can prepare shorba from pulses and lentils, tomatoes, leafy greens, and even corn.

The soup gets its distinct flavor from spices like garlic, ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, fresh green chillies, cumin, and others. You can add vegetables of your choice in this delicious soup. Beetroot, carrots, and cabbage make it more flavourful.


4. Osaman

Osaman is a thin soup made with toor dal, bay leaves, curry leaves, grated coconut, and spices like cinnamon and turmeric. It is tempered with ghee for a rich flavor.


5. Thenthuk

“Thenthuk” is a popular Tibetan dish, which has found a valuable place in Sikkim cuisine. It is a noodle soup that contains mutton, chicken, vegetables, or wheat. To make the soup spicier, chilli flakes are added to it.

You must also try “churpi” or “chhurpi.” This is a traditional Sikkim soup. It is a soup prepared from fermented dairy product made from yak milk or cow milk.

Try these soups to give your monsoon diet an added flavor and nutrition. To get more such food updates, stay tuned to Krishi Jagran.

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