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COVID-19 – Is it a Blessing in Disguise?

In one way the Covid pandemic has contributed in bringing a significant change in our daily life path. First and foremost, this pandemic has provided us a great opportunity to spend more time and stay connected with our family or friends. Read further.

Abhijeet Banerjee

The year 2020 has been quite different from previous years in context to the Covid-19 pandemic. When the news of spreading of this disease begun, the entire world got panicked and confused regarding the future of global economy, health, job prospects due to lockdowns etc. We had seen stock markets and commodity markets crashing during the months of February and March, giving signals of uncertainty amongst people about the future prospects of their life and health. 

The recovery rate in most nations including India is improving, thanks to the efforts taken by the respective governments. But in one way this pandemic has contributed in bringing a significant change in our daily life path. First and foremost, this pandemic has provided us a great opportunity to spend more time and stay connected with our family or friends – be it together or through social media platforms, in addition of analysis and introspection to find out our shortcomings and working on them for improvement. 

Most urban persons in fact were under the pursuit of materialism and were occupied in their profession or busy focusing on the financial needs mainly. They were unknowingly losing attention over relationships and health maintenance specially. The pandemic therefore has enlightened them from this co-incidentally. Now most of us have understood the fact that it is the relationship and health which is amongst the most important aspects in everyone’s life. We also have learned to be contented with small things, unlike the Pre-pandemic period – when most of us could not imagine life without visiting malls, dining out, shopping or travelling frequently etc. 

Growing importance of agriculture: 

The Pandemic occurrence has supported the growth of our Agriculture largely thereby enhancing business/employment opportunities in this sector. We have seen farmers/common people/celebrities/sportsperson/army persons/engineers etc. taking up ventures in the Agri business segment in response to the growth potential emerging in the Agricultural industry. Due to consistent efforts taken by the government India will be able to have decent production of all the major pulses/food grains or oilseeds this year, despite the lockdown restrictions. Number of economic packages has been announced since the new financial year, in addition to the amendments in the farm bills. On one hand such developments have increased the export prospects, on the other it will result in growth in income levels of farmers/Agriculture based entrepreneurs to a large extent. Prices of most of the Agricultural commodities have risen sharply since the March lows. Price appreciation implies improvement in the financial situation of the entire value chain i.e. farmers, producers, traders, stockists etc. The pandemic has prompted everyone to understand the value of Agriculture because whether the world faces any challenge like the pandemic or any other adversities  - demand for food items shall always persist and that too every day.   

Online learning opportunities

The pandemic has resulted in encouraging use of online learning platforms, therefore enhancing the scope of our learning manifold than earlier.  Online learning was limited to few web portals which provided limited and costly content previously but due to the lockdown, number of skilled people including teachers, musicians, chefs, artists, etc. have now come up with various online learning courses and started providing quality content with affordable prices. Additionally, this has opened doors for new endeavors to gain more proficiency and command over the subject for teachers, parents as well as students.  

Air Pollution Control

Rising pollution is always a matter of concern for the governments and the people worldwide. After the global lockdown was implemented, there was significant improvement in world’s environment and studies revealed that during the lockdown period, in general, there was a general decrease in the level of concentrations of PM10, PM2 5, CO, NO, NO2, NH3, NOx, SO2 and increase in the concentration level of oxygen in comparison to either the pre-lockdown period or to the previous yea. There has been notable decrease in the levels of NO, NO2, gases as well, in addition sharp decline in the PM10, PM2 5, SO2 and CO levels. Restricted movements of traffic and temporary closure of factories and industries was the major reason for significant improvement in the air quality during the lockdown. Eventually the global climatic conditions improved and due to lowering air pollution there was improvement in many seasonal ailments like asthma and other cardio-respiratory problems.   

Golden Opportunity For Self Refinement

The overall situation is now improving and now we are hearing about vaccination possibility quite frequently and unlocking of economic activity is on the rise. So indications of life resuming the normal trends are visible. Yet the problem is not yet over completely. Therefore as long as the problems continue why not shape our health and lifestyle on desirable parameters. We should always remember that this phase shall also pass. One should hope that will this experience enhance our spirituality and also prepare us in facing challenges in life and learn the art of finding a workable solution under any situation.  In a way the Covid 19 pandemic is surely a blessing in disguise, enabling everyone to re-plan future course of life, improvement the short comings, focus on healthy management and make every effort to establish a positive and constructive approach towards his/her personality as well as lifestyle. Therefore we should consider this situation as a golden opportunity provided by the almighty because it would be similar to a new phase of life, given to enlighten and awaken man’s mindset, and encourage him to re-think about his life’s priorities as well as self-refinement.   `

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