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Surprising Benefits of Jaggery Water

The benefits of beginning your day with a glass of warm water blended in with jaggery are many. Notwithstanding a specific explanation, drink it for general well-being in winter.

Chintu Das
Jaggery (Gur)
Jaggery (Gur)

During extreme winters when warm apparels do not help anymore, certain nourishments can act as a guardian angel to warm our body from the inside. Jaggery commonly called gur is one of the best nourishments that health experts recommend to knock off the body chills.

Jaggery is a profoundly intense food that produces heat in the body, shielding us from the chilling climate. Probably the most ideal approach to remain warm and safe is to drink warm jaggery water consistently in the winter mornings. 

Benefits of Jaggery: 

Jaggery is useful to have in the winters as it assists with expanding veins and creates warmth in the body. Jaggery is produced using sugar cane or dates and the warmth is created by the high calorie substance in it.  

Also, Jaggery contains plentiful indispensable nutrients and minerals in it. It is known to support immunity of the body, warms the body, avert cold, cough etc. and controls the body temperature. Gur is best eaten during the winter season since it is readily available in the markets during this time." 

Attributable to several medical advantages of jaggery, when you mix it in warm water and have the mixture on an empty stomach, the beverage offers numerous advantages including weight reduction and better digestion.  

Jaggery has plentiful amounts of iron along with antioxidants and vitamin C in it, so drinking this sweet warm water may likewise help ease any respiratory issue and throat problems. 

Process of making Gur Water: 

Warm a glass of water in the gas and add a piece of jaggery into it. You can go for 1 inch piece. Mix the piece till it dissolves. Strain the mixture and drink the same when it cools off a little. You can even crush jaggery to make fine powder and blend it straightforwardly to warm water.  

Jaggery has an exceptionally high calorific worth. Along these lines, it would be better that you have this drink every alternate day or give periodic breaks in the middle. 

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