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The Benefits and Side Effects of Buttermilk

Many people think that buttermilk contains many fats, but in reality, it is opposite to its name. Buttermilk was at first made from milk that was leftover after making butter. Whisking milk removed the fat by transforming it into butter.

Swati Sharma
Butter Milk
Buttermilk In The Earthen Pot

Buttermilk, a fermented dairy drink is loved by all because of its taste and health benefits. You can have it with sugar or salt as per your choice and body requirement.  Buttermilk is used in many recipes like pancakes, biscuits, idli etc. It is full of amazing health benefits. 

Many people think that buttermilk contains many fats, but in reality, it is opposite to its name. Buttermilk was at first made from milk that was leftover after making butter. Whisking milk removed the fat by transforming it into butter. The whisking process left the milk in the whisk just a little sour, full of beneficial bacteria for your health. The end product comes out as a versatile liquid, rich in protein, and perfect for baking. 

Dairy farmers are using buttermilk for ages, and it is considered a healthy, helpful dairy by-product today. 

Nutritional Information of buttermilk per 100 grams: 

Calories: 40 

Total Fat: 0.17 grams or 3% 

Cholesterol: 4 mg 

Sodium: 105 mg 

Potassium: 151 mg or 4% 

Total Carbohydrate: 4.8 grams or 1% 

Sugar: 4.8 grams 

Protein: 3.3 grams or 6% 

Calcium: 11% 

Cobalamin: 3% 

Vitamin C: 1% 

Benefits of Buttermilk: 

Cool drink

Buttermilk or commonly used name as Chaach in Hindi, provides a cooling effect to your body, mainly on the digestive system. Because of this reason, it's known as a great summer drink option. Whenever you face any burning issue in your stomach, you can have a glass of buttermilk to get instant relief. 

Fights Constipation 

Buttermilk proved as a natural remedy for constipation and related problems. If you add buttermilk to your regular diet, then it will ease your condition while facilitating bowel movement because of its high fiber content. 

Lowers Acidity 

One of the best benefits of buttermilk is that it helps in reducing acidity. If you face acidic problems after meals regularly, then you must start having buttermilk. 

A glass of buttermilk after meals can refine digestion while averting acidity. Ingredients like dried ginger or pepper can enhance buttermilk properties. It can reduce irritation in the stomach that arises because of acid reflux. 

Butter Milk
Butter Milk

Rich in Calcium 

Buttermilk is the best source of calcium. Many people are lactose intolerant and thus can't have milk or any other dairy product. But the great news is that even lactose intolerant people can consume buttermilk without any unfavorable effects. 

In addition to the above, buttermilk is suitable for people on a diet or planning to lose weight as it doesn't contain fats. 

Helps in Detoxification 

One of the significant advantages of buttermilk is that it contains riboflavin that transforms food into energy. It also helps in the secretion of some hormones. 

Riboflavin improves liver functioning while promoting detoxification. Constant consumption of buttermilk removes the toxins from the body. 

Prevents Dehydration 

It's a perfect cooling summer drink to keep your body hydrated. The dehydration may conduct to specific ailments and discomfort. 

Because of electrolytes' property in buttermilk, it prevents water loss from the body. So, it hydrates the body naturally and prevents summer diseases like prickly heat. 

Supply essential Vitamins and Nutrients 

Buttermilk consists of several minerals and vitamins, such as potassium, vitamin B, etc. it is an excellent source of proteins and other nutrients and thus suitable for balancing vitamin deficiency in the body. 

Reduces Blood Pressure 

According to some studies, regular intake of buttermilk reduces blood pressure to a significant extent. It has bioactive proteins that have cholesterol-reducing properties; butter is recommended for high BP patients. 

Buttermilk is one of the popular dairy products with tremendous health benefits due to calcium, minerals, and vitamins. It helps maintain proper digestion, reduces weight and blood pressure, and helps reduces cholesterol levels in the body. 

Side effects of buttermilk

Many experts advise not to have buttermilk at night if you have a cold, fever, or pollen allergy. In general, as well, it's better to have this drink during day time. 

As we know that buttermilk is a byproduct of extraction of cream from butter. As the cream is kept for many days for the butter to get build up, harmful bacteria can come in the butter and cause throat infections & cold in toddlers.

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