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Weight Loss Tips: These 5 Foods Will Help You Shed Extra Kilos Naturally

Have you been trying to lose weight but the winter cravings of hot chocolate and the mere sight of gajar ka halwa is making it tougher to stick to your goals? Well, if yes, then you are not alone. It has been proven in many studies that as compared to summers, we tend to eat more and put on more weight in winters.

Ayushi Raina
5 Foods Will Help You Shed Extra Kilos
5 Foods Will Help You Shed Extra Kilos

Have you been attempting to lose weight but finding it difficult to keep to your goals due to winter cravings for hot chocolate and the sight of gajar ka halwa? If yes, then you are not alone.

Many studies have shown that as compared to summer, we tend to consume more and gain more weight in the winter. Almost all the time, we want to eat things warm, oily, and delicious. While it is OK to give in to cravings occasionally, doing so on a regular basis is an invitation to many extra kilos.

Winter, fortunately, brings with it a variety of fruits, vegetables, and spices that are proven to aid with natural weight loss. If you've decided to lose those extra inches around your belly this season, you've come to the perfect place. These foods are high in all of the nutrients necessary for long-term weight loss. The greatest thing is that these foods are widely available on the market, so you can easily incorporate them into your everyday diet.

We've compiled a list of five excellent winter foods that can keep us healthy while also aiding in weight loss:


Carrots are high in fiber, which takes longer to break down and digest, so they keep you full for a long period. You will naturally binge less if you feel satiated. 

Carrots are also low in calories and non-starchy in nature. You may eat them as it is or integrate them into smoothies, salads, or soups.


This miraculous spice can assist you in losing a pound or two. Cinnamon boosts metabolism naturally. Cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon, according to a research published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, increases metabolism of fatty visceral tissue and speeds up weight reduction. It is also an insulin stimulator.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds assist in controlling blood sugar levels and increase insulin secretion. The seeds can also assist boost metabolism. Galactomannan, a water-soluble component present in it, aids in the suppression of curb cravings.


Guava is one of the winter fruits which cover around 12% of your daily fiber requirements. It is also beneficial to your digestive system. A healthy digestive system is essential for a rapid metabolism, which aids in weight reduction.

Spinach/green leafy veggies

It has the potential to speed up the weight reduction process and make it easier for you to lose those extra kilos. To lose body fat, all you need to do is add one cup of spinach. Spinach is high in insoluble fiber, which is an important component in weight loss.

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