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NAAS, PAAS Joined Forces for Agricultural Advancement at Interactive Session

NAAS and PAAS joined forces in a meeting to strengthen collaboration in agricultural sciences, discussing topics such as conferences, journal publications, and much more along with a focus on harnessing social media for broader engagement.

Shivangi Rai
Glimpse from Today's Interactive Session.
Glimpse from Today's Interactive Session.

The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) hosted an interactive meeting with the Presidents of the Professional Societies of Agricultural Sciences in India, organized with the goal of establishing a strong and collaborative partnership between NAAS and the Professional Association of Agricultural Societies (PAAS) in various scientific and academic endeavours.

This interactive meeting was conducted in a hybrid mode at the ICAR Conference Room, second floor, NASC Complex, Dev Prakash Shastri Marg, Opposite Todapur, New Delhi, and brought together esteemed participants from across the agricultural landscape.

The proceedings commenced with a warm welcome by Prof KC Bansal, Secretary of NAAS, who set the stage for a productive dialogue. Dr AR Podile, Coordinator of NAAS PAAS, introduced the participants, highlighting the diverse and accomplished backgrounds of the attendees.

The opening address was delivered by the President of NAAS, Dr Himanshu Pathak underscoring the significance of the meeting in strengthening collaborative efforts within the agricultural community. The President emphasized the importance of identifying areas of mutual interest and developing effective mechanisms for cooperation.

Addressing the attendees, Dr Himanshu Pathak said, "Our aim with this meeting is to identify common areas where we can work together, leveraging modern mechanisms and tools to enhance our collective impact. The power of collective effort will allow us to reach broader audiences, and the emergence of social media as a platform is a promising avenue for achieving this."

Dr Pathak, a longstanding associate of NAAS since its inception, provided historical context, noting that 2018 was designated as the National Year of Millets, and on the success of this, the Indian government declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets.

Also, the highlight of the meeting was the announcement of the Agriculture Sciences Conference scheduled from October 10 to 13, which invited participation from all attendees.

Furthermore, NAAS extended an invitation to students, launching a contest. NAAS reached out to multiple universities, requesting the nomination of at least five students from each agricultural institution, with the universities covering the students' expenses. An impressive participation of over 250 students is anticipated.

Dr P.K. Joshi, National Member, NAHEP External Advisory Panel contributed insights into academic endeavours, particularly focusing on journal publication. He discussed the potential for capacity building, and submission processes, and suggested the formation of collaborative brainstorming sessions and interaction groups, facilitating regular discussions. Dr M. Madhu proposed expanding NAAS's journal publication to include Hindi and regional languages to engage a wider audience.

M.S. Nain, Principal Scientist, Division of Agricultural Extension, ICAR-IARI raised the vital issue of open access for journals and policy papers, advocating for wider dissemination of valuable agricultural information.

Following these discussions, participants engaged in a vibrant question and answer session, during which attendees from diverse agricultural domains posed queries, offered suggestions, and delved into various aspects of agriculture. Funding concerns were also addressed, highlighting a collective commitment to finding solutions.

A notable outcome of the meeting was the proposal to establish a social media group. Attendees expressed enthusiasm for this platform, which will foster ongoing communication, knowledge sharing, and idea dissemination within the agricultural community.

In his concluding remarks, Dr Himanshu Pathak, President of NAAS, summarized the meeting's achievements, highlighting the commitment to unity and progress within India's agricultural sector.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks extended by Dr WS Lakra, Secretary of NAAS.

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