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Dhanesha Crop Science Celebrates Inaugural Founders' Day

Commemorating its 1st Founders’ Day with a week-long series of events, Dhanesha Crop Science highlighted a year of growth, innovation, and collaborative partnerships.

KJ Staff
Dhanesha Crop Science Celebrates Inaugural Founders Day (Photo Source: Dhanesha Crop Science - LinkedIn)
Dhanesha Crop Science Celebrates Inaugural Founders Day (Photo Source: Dhanesha Crop Science - LinkedIn)

Dhanesha Crop Science marked its 1st Founders’ Day on May 5, 2024, commemorating a year of steadfast growth, innovation, and promising partnerships for a bright future.

The week-long celebration, from 1 to 6 May, saw Dhanesha Crop Science honoring its esteemed business partners with cake-cutting ceremonies across the network. These celebrations symbolized the collaborative spirit and shared successes.

On 6 May during the celebration with the team, Mr. Dharmesh Gupta, Managing Director, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the company’s partners and stakeholders. He remarked, "Our first Founders’ Day not only signifies a celebration of our achievements but also reaffirms our commitment towards agriculture. As we look ahead, we are poised to continue our journey of growth, collaboration, and service to farming communities globally.”

Looking back at the company’s past year and recalling the roller coaster journey, the MD felt overwhelmed and appreciated his team for their commendable teamwork and spirit of putting their trust in a new venture and working hard aligned with the company’s goal. He added, “Transparency and hard work is a great combination to lead you to success in an organization.”

Established with a vision to revolutionize agricultural practices and foster sustainable farming solutions, Dhanesha Crop Science has made significant strides since its inception. The company has created a strong presence in the market. Their product quality and customer satisfaction have been the driving forces for them to lay down a strong foundation and break the benchmarks of competition.

Furthermore, the company is a family of more than a hundred employees who are entirely dedicated and equally qualified to play their roles with full efficiency. Talking about the jaw-dropping numbers, they have cultivated partnerships with more than 2000 channel partners across the nation and this number is expanding exponentially.

With experience and expertise, they have curated a portfolio of a wide range of products including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, PGR, and more. Now they are venturing to include biofertilizers and biopesticides for a complete solution and a better tomorrow. So far, around 60 products are already available to customers and more advanced technology-based products are yet to come. They have allied with technology-driven MNCs to cater to the nation with enhanced products.

The company is on a mission to bring prosperity to farmers through effective use of innovative technologies and visualize to contribute in building a self-reliant India.

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