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Low-Calorie Snacks To Help in Weight Loss

Winter is here and to get through the chilly mornings and gloomy evenings we all need something warm to keep us going. Some hot drinks and snacks work for most of us but can prove to be unhealthy especially when one is trying to lose weight.

Hiya Aneja
enjoy winter snacking along with taking care of your health
enjoy winter snacking along with taking care of your health

We all tend to gain weight in the winter, right? And munching on snacks makes one feel guilty when trying to eat clean. We have great solutions to these problems.

We have selected guilt-free, low-calorie snacks to satisfy your binge-watching needs without getting stressed about gaining weight.

Take a look at the deliciously curated guilt-free snacks to upgrade your snacking stock.

A nice hot chocolate, a big mug of coffee, or a cup of kadak chai feels like a warm embrace that we all love in the winters. These mouth-watering drinks during the evening make us crave something crunchy to eat along with it. We often end up eating a lot of it only to regret it later.

But this does not mean we should stop eating these mouth-watering winter specials.  No worries, we’ve got you covered.  

Here are some guilt-free snacking extremely delicious options to try this season:

Veggies Sticks and Hummus:

A yummy, healthy, non-fried and satisfying alternative to classic French fries and even cheesy fries we all drool upon. All you have to do is take any root veggie that you like for example beetroot, carrots or sweet potatoes, peel and cut them like fries. Spread them on a baking paper and spray it with a little oil, add salt and choice of spices, be it black pepper, peri-peri, or paprika, whatever you prefer. Now, you can either bake it till crispy or you can air fry them. Pair it up with classic hummus and enjoy.

Roasted 2 Ways Cauliflower:

Broccoli and cauliflower baked with crunchy bread crumbs coating and topped with yogurt is a perfect snack to munch on while watching a movie or series. It can be eaten as a side too. And yes, it’s aesthetically pleasing as well.  Just parboil both broccoli and cauliflower florets and season with salt and pepper, make a slurry with wheat flour, mix in spices, bread crumbs, and water to dip these into, and then bake it till golden brown. Top it with some mustard and honey-flavored yogurt, and dig in.


Apart from some side dishes, we sometimes crave for something more filing, and Cheela comes into power then. Be it the sprouts one or the normal lentils one, whichever you like is the perfect option to get rid of your cravings and feel full. Pair it with some homemade chutney. You can always add methi leaves to make your Cheela taste even better. 


Add spinach puree and/or beetroot puree to your dhokla recipe and taste the wonders. Moreso, your kids will also enjoy this colourful snack. And for those who are trying to lose weight, this snack will help you achieve your goal easily.

Carrot Cake:

Now coming to a sweeter side. The basic carrot, cinnamon, and walnut cake is a win-win situation, be it in terms of health or taste with a simple and quick recipe. Just try any basic recipe and replace oil with either water or mashed banana and you are good to go.


Why are you waiting then, try out these recipes and enjoy winter snacking along with taking care of your health with these healthy and nutritious snacks.

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