China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) 2019

In 2018-2019,  following a year of structural adjustments and price fluctuations, the new ecology of global pesticide supply and demand is gradually taking shape. At the same time, the opportunities offered by markets throughout  the world are  releasing unlimited potential, with their  diversified market structures stimulating new product demands.

In July 2018, the China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) was held in Hangzhou, China. For the first time, more than 30 overseas distributors and importers, along with  200 leading domestic agrochemical companies, were gathered on this platform to  communicate face to face, which resulted in  great attention and praise, both at home and abroad.

Under this new supply and demand ecology, both Chinese and overseas agrochemical companies are facing the same problem: How do they keep up with  trends, and make product and market deployments in advance ? How do they  recognize  new market potentials and discover new product opportunities? And how do they  strengthen their own advantages and find strategic suppliers for cooperation?

To this end,  this year AGROPAGES will hold a  conference focused on the theme, "Join hands with Chinese partners to develop global potential markets". The conference  will be open to overseas visitors, and will also invite Chinese policy and market analysts; multinational companies; agrochemical distributors and importers deeply rooted in local markets; representatives of leading Chinese manufacturers. AGROPAGES  aims to create a grand event for information sharing in the industry.

Event Name : China Pesticide Exporting Workshop (CPEW) 2019

Date : 4 - 5 July 2019

Venue : Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Contact on below addresses for stall booking:

Mickey Shan | AGROPAGES



Wechat: M22041149

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