8th Edition of India Maize Summit

8th Edition of India Maize Summit
8th Edition of India Maize Summit

Maize is cultivated widely throughout the world and has the highest production among all the cereals. Known as the ‘Queen of Cereals’ it is considered one of the fastest-growing cash crops in the world becoming the largest component of the global coarse grain trade.

With changing global food demands and consumer choices maize is now becoming the wonder crop for many countries, especially in developing countries like India.

The versatile contribution of maize to India’s socio-economic equilibrium is significant. It is a multi-faceted crop used as food, feed, and industrial crop globally. These intrinsic multi-functional characteristics have catapulted maize as the focus crop that could be leveraged to solve a countless range of challenges faced by Indian agriculture, including - augmenting farmer income, managing surplus food grain production, crop diversification to address deteriorating soil and water resources, ensuring energy security and attracting private sector investment to boost employment in rural India.

This makes it imperative to identify and address the key barriers that are hindering the growth of the Indian maize ecosystem. With a focus on securing a sustainable supply of maize to meet the growing demand and to enhance farmer prosperity, FICCI is organizing the 8th edition of “India Maize Summit” on 12-13th May 2022.

FICCI has been organizing India Maize Summit since 2013. FICCI, through the India Maize Summit series, has strived to create a common platform that can be utilized by the diverse stakeholders to delve into the dynamics of the Maize sector in India and identify pathways to enhance the competitiveness of the Maize value chain.

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Event Name: 8th edition of India Maize Summit
Date: 12-13 May 2022


Address: Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi
Mobile: 91-112373876070

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