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Foods you must consume to keep your body healthy during Ramadan

What food should intake during Ramadan fasting to keep the body hydrated and healthy

Swati Sharma
Ramadan Sehri
Ramadan sehri

Ramadan is approaching very soon; it's essential to keep your body hydrated and healthy as it runs for 28-30 days and restricts not having food and water after sunrise and before sunset. 

The weather is already going up to 44 degrees Celsius these days. During summertime, the risk of dehydration gets increases. In addition to it, fasting people need to wake up early to have Sehri/Suhoor; Sleep deprivation and dehydration can lead to headaches.

Please decide on your sehri and Iftar meal wisely as it will help you sustain your fast the following day; hence consuming the right food in the correct amount is essential.

What food can you intake during Sehri and Iftar to keep your body hydrated and healthy?

Your food needs to be wholesome to provide you enough energy to last during the daytime of fasting, few vital nourishment that you must add to your meals as below:

Fruits and vegetables

A rich fibre diet that you can get from fruits and vegetables will help you feel full and relieve constipation. They also contain vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that are essential for good health.

Rice and high fiber carbohydrate foods

High-fiber carbohydrate foods like brown rice and wholesome bread take a longer time to digest. It helps to maintain energy levels high for a more extended period.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits like dates, almonds, and cashew gives you energy and helps you to build immunity stronger. Dates are the most preferred dry fruit during Ramadan fasting.

Protein-rich food

Boneless chicken, fish, and low-fat dairy products are a great source of protein but keep watch on your fat intake. Besides, they help repair and build body tissue and build immunity. You can also add high calcium dairy products to your diet to make your bones stronger. Those who are lactose intolerant can choose lactose-free milk or buttermilk, or soya milk.

A good intake of water and a liquid diet

As water restricts during daytime, it is essential to include water and a liquid diet such as buttermilk, strawberry shake, rohafaza, aam Panna, etc. it keeps your body cool and hydrated. You should have a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water.

At last, you should consume rich fiber, protein, calcium, and carbohydrate foods in your diet during Sehri and Iftar with lots of water. But would like to add that diabetic patients must check their diet food before keeping the fast.

To keep your food healthy, try to limit the use of fats and oil. You can go for steaming, baking, or shallow frying as the duration of Ramadan fasting is around 28-30 days. 

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